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  • 14918 ceramic rice bowl   white and red nowaki autumn grass pattern

Ceramic Rice Bowl - White and Red, Nowaki Autumn Grass Pattern, 250 g Stock limité (plus que 3)

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Simple, versatile Japanese dining doesn't have to lose its traditional style.

This wide but shallow bowl is an excellent multi-purpose serving option, not only great for dishing out steaming portions of rice but also for neatly displaying salads and side dishes, completing any Japanese mealtime. The white sheen and simplicity of the bowl allows it to fit in among almost any dining collection and really lets some of the vivacious colours in Japanese ingredients come out. This bowl comes in a gentle, red nowaki autumn grass pattern giving a lovely, rural feel to your dining experience.

Measures approx. 15cm in diameter, 6cm in height. Made in Japan.

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In traditional Japanese cuisine, it is common for different dishes to be served in their own plate or bowl. So the diner might receive a larger plate for their fish, a small bowl for their rice, another small bowl for their miso, and shallow side dishes for their sauce. For a great range of Japanese serveware, take a look in Japan Centre's Dining section. 

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