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Miyatake Sanuki Seimen Pre-Cooked Easy Loosen Yakisoba Noodles, 650 g, 5 packs Stock limité (plus que 1)

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A large pack of pre-cooked easy loosening yakisoba noodles. 

This 5 pack is perfect for yakisoba lovers who hate dealing with the hassle of unravelling the noodles like other pre-cooked varieties. Just pop a pack into your stir-fried vegetables and add a little sauce and cook until finished is all you need to do. No extra water to help loosen or dealing with a strainer. Perfect for ramen or other noodles dishes if you are in a hurry as well. 

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

Per 100g:
• Energy: 652kJ/159kcal
• Fat: 1.77g
• Carbohydrate: 30.1g
• Protein: 5.5g
• Salt: 0.17g

Ingredients and allergens

Wheat Flour, Wheat Protein, Egg White, Vegetable Fats and Oils, Salt, Emulsifier (Soybean), Acidulant, Gardenia Colouring, Kansui Alkaline Water. Also contains Soybean. May contain traces of Buckwheat.