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  • 14822 fuyu japanese whisky

Fuyu Whisky, 700 ml

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Livraison au Royaume Uni uniquement (îles non comprises)
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A warming, saccharine and peaty whisky, cosy and soothing on those cold chilly days.

This blended whisky brings with it a uniquely complex variety of aromas, re-imagining the qualities of authentic Japanese nature in its flavour. On the nose it carries tones of younger blends, with toasty wooded and herbal fragrances sweetened by the occasional sugary and bitter touches of plum wine and honey to give it a homely, rural feel. Thoroughly warmed to its scent that carries a nostalgia of escaping long Japanese winters, you reach a curious and varied palate continuing the whisky's warmth with toasty spices like nutmeg, leading you between its sweeter orchard fruitfulness, to sour and even savoury essences of soy beans, giving it at earthier taste. To finish, it decides to smooth out into a gentle, syrupy oak and vanilla blend, developing a buttery hint to soothe it's lingering bitter edge. Providing a more natural flavour reminiscent of Japanese countrysides, this is a rather different but distinctly Japanese-tasting whisky.

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Though similar to Scotch whisky (hence the spelling), Japanese whisky makers have been able to usurp the Scots’ position as the best makers of whisky in recent years despite being relatively new to whisky manufacturing. Japanese whisky is often noted for its balance, smoothness and delicate nature as well as adherence to traditional methods such as the use of coal in fires during the distilling process.

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Alcohol: 40%