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  • 14760 sanrio hello kitty bento chopsticks with case

Sanrio Hello Kitty Bento Chopsticks with Case, 41 g

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Portable and cute as can be.

Never be without chopsticks or Hello Kitty cuteness again with these Sanrio official bento chopsticks and case. In baby pink, these little child-friendly chopsticks are not only decorated with everyone's favourite kitty character, but are ridged at one end to make picking up slippery foods easy and fun. The handy case will also help keep things clean and tidy.

Chopsticks measure approx. 16cm in length. Case measures approx. 21cm in length, 2.6cm in width.

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Chopsticks are the most important eating utensil in Japanese and other types of East Asian cuisine, so it is important to know about the different types of chopstick and their uses. Long chopsticks (over 30cm in length) are best used for cooking. Shorter chopsticks (around 20-23cm long) are standard chopsticks used at home. Chopsticks that are shorter still and come in chopstick cases are for packing into your bag and taking to work or school. Take a look at japancentre.com's entire Chopsticks & Cutlery range.

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