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  • 14686 ceramic teapot   brown and speckled light brown

Ceramic Teapot - Brown And Speckled Light Brown, 640 g



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Enjoy the perfect Japanese brew the authentic way.

Update your usual teapot with this authentic Japanese teapot that comes with an non-slip bamboo handle. Made in Japan from high-grade ceramic, this teapot is durable for everyday used and its size is ideal for making more than one cup of Japanese tea. It’s charming form makes a wonderful addition to your display cabinet.

Teapot measures approx. 18cm in length (including spout), 11cm in height, approx 14cm in diameter at widest.

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With Japan being such a large tea-drinking nation, it stands to reason that teapots would be an important component in Japanese tableware. Traditional Japanese teapots come in different shapes and sizes made for different occasions. Take a look at Japan Centre's Teaware section for a great range of stylish and practical Japan-made and Japan-inspired teaware.

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Ceramic teapot with it's own strainer. \nIn a beautiful speckled brown colour and a wicker weaved handle. Elegant and sophisticated suitable for all occasions. Highly recommended to every tea lover.