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  • 14502 marna body washing towel %28natural material%29  charcoal  stripe pattern

Marna Kishu Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub Towel - Stripe Pattern, 55 g Stock limité (plus que 2)



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Luxurious, natural cleansing with activated charcoal.

Discover the beauty secrets of Japan's Wakayama prefecture with this high-quality, cleansing body scrub, made with cotton and rayon fabric with real kishu binchotan charcoal. This prized material, made by burning Japanese ubame oak at high temperatures, is incredibly porous, perfect for gentle exfoliation and care of the skin. Simply use daily in the bath or shower.

Towel measures approx. 90cm in length, 18cm in width.

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Another excellent item just as described, excellent thank you