Yamato Shoyu Miso Kanazawa Liquid Dashi for Cooking, 1 L

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An artisan blend of umami and regional ingredients for your everyday Japanese cooking. 

This large size bottle of liquid dashi is a premium blend of fish flakes from mackerel, bonito, horse mackerel and round herring with water from Mt. Shirayama and usukuchi soy sauce from Ono in Kanazawa city. Great for use in a wide range of Japanese cuisine from asazuke pickles, donburi, nabe hot pot, stewed dishes and of course miso soup. 

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Soy Sauce is one of Japan’s most popular condiments, used as an ingredient in stews, noodle dishes, sauces, marinades, and as a condiment in its own right. It is rich in the L-Glutamates that generate savoury umami flavour, making it an ideal addition to savoury dishes both Asian and non-Asian. For a great range of Japanese soy sauces, take a look at japancentre.com's Soy Sauce section.

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Ingredients and allergens

Soy Sauce (Soy Bean, Wheat), Saccharides (Sugar, Glucose), Salt, Fish Flakes (Mackerel, Bonito, Horse Mackerel, Round Herring), Fermented Seasoning, Bonito Flake Extract (Fish), Seasoning (Amino Acids, monosodium L-glutamate), Alcohol.