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  • 14376 naogen soy sauce with koji rice malt seasoning

Naogen Soy Sauce with Koji Rice Malt Seasoning, 120 ml

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A traditional Japanese cooking essential.

Give your meals a dynamic blend of sweetness and umami with this glass bottle of shoyu koji soy sauce with rice malt seasoning. Bringing together the highest quality ingredients of Ishikawa prefecture and neighbouring Toyama, this unique Japanese ingredient has an extra sweet, savoury kick. It is also particularly handy as an ingredient in marinades, as koji tenderises food and has a cleansing affect on unwanted food aromas.

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Koji, otherwise known as 'rice malt' or 'rice mould', is a special kind of edible fungus that grows on rice. Koji is full of enzymes and used primarily as a fermenting agent in soy sauce, miso, sake, and other Japanese foods and beverages. However, koji can also be used as a seasoning in its own right, as the enzymes in it will break down complex proteins and starches into amino acids and glucose, as well as tenderise food, eliminate odours, and aid in digestion.

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