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  • 14356 c a spice amari's veg curry roux   hot

C&A Spice Amari's Vegetarian Curry Roux Flakes - Hot, 120 g

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Dish out Japanese curry night.

Achieve the authentic, sweet Japanese curry flavour at home with ease using C&A Spice's handy pack of hot Curry Flakes. A wheat and palm oil based roux seasoned with onions, garlic and spices, simply add the contents of this pack to simmering, chopped up vegetables to create 6 servings of thick vegetarian curry sauce to top over rice. As this roux comes in flakes, you'll find it much easier to mix into water and turn into sauce. Cooking instructions in English and Japanese provided.

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Plus d'infos

Japanese curry was introduced to Japan by the British during the Meiji era of the 1800’s and has now become one of the most popular Japanese foods, a world away from the flavour of authentic Indian curry. Japanese curry has a slightly sweet, mild flavour and is often served with chicken or pork katsu.

Guide d'utilisation

To make 6 servings of authentic Japanese curry:

  • Cut vegetables (recipe on back of pack) into bite-size pieces, and stir-fry them in a deep pot.
  • Add water and simmer for approximately 15 minutes.
  • After the vegetables get tender, remove from heat, add Curry Flakes, and stir until blended.
  • Simmer gently for 5-10 minutes.

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

Per 100g:
• Energy: 2050kJ/500kcal
• Fat: 32.5g
• Carbohydrate: 46.5g
• Protein: 9.0g
• Salt: 7.5g