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Deeply refreshing, caffeine-free mugicha tea.

Enjoy a cold glass of classic Japanese summer tea with this ready-to-drink roasted barley mugicha. Sweetly aromatic and slightly nutty in flavour, this tea has been cold brewed in deep ocean water from the Kochi prefecture and enriched with vitamin C.

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Mugicha is made by simmering roasted barley grains. It is a very popular refreshment during summer in Japan, with Japanese parents often making it cold with perhaps some added sugar for their children. Mugicha is believed to improve the fluidity of the blood, is caffeine-less and full of nutrients, making it a very popular health drink.

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  • Catégorie: Thé
  • Fabricant : Itoen
  • Taille : 650 ml

Ingredients and allergens

Barley, Potable Deep Ocean Water, Malt, Vitamin C.


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Nice, a bit different than the one I had years ago, but ok