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  • 14193 amur lucky hedgehog tawashi scrubbing brush   small

Amur Lucky Hedgehog Tawashi Scrubbing Brush - Small, 30 g Stock limité (plus que 3)

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A traditional and highly effective, multipurpose scrubbing brush.

Tawashi have been a sink-side staple in Japan for years. Made out of coir fibre, a hard and durable, biodegradable material found in coconut shells, this brush softens slightly in water and with its abrasive surface provides a tough clean without being scratchy. Exfoliating skin as a body scrub, cleaning vegetables in preparation for dinner or washing pots and pans after cooking are just 3 of the many uses this brush can have.

Brush measures approx. 7cm in width, 10cm in length, 4cm in height.

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