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Oshima Tsubaki Premium Conditioner, 300 g Stock limité (plus que 2)


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Premium conditoner, made from Camellia.

This bottle of premium Japanese hair conditioner will keep your hair looking and feeling softer, shinier and stronger with the naturally caring ingredients of the tsubaki (Camellia flower). An expert blend of 3 Camellia-derived ingredients (camellia ceramide, camellia flower extract and camellia leaf extract), this conditioner coats damaged cuticles and reduces evaporation of your hair's natural moisture.

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Guide d'utilisation

After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount all over the hair and work in before rinsing. 

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This product is good, smells nice, I think those with very dry hair would get the most benefit from using this product. Helps with daily hair routine and controlling static hair if used with other heat control products.