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  • 14115  oshima tsubaki hair water leave in treatment

Oshima Tsubaki Hair Water Leave-in Treatment, 180 g



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Fragrance-free hair moisturising treatment.

Give your hair an effortless gloss and healthy elasticity with the natural caring properties of tsubaki (Camellia flower). Simply spray over towel-dried hair and leave the Camellia ceramide to permeate each strand and repair damage from within, while the Camellia oil coats the surface and creates a protective barrier against heat and UVB. This bottle comes with a lock mechanism on the nozzle, allowing you to carry it around in your bag without worry of spills.

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Guide d'utilisation

1. Spray on a sufficient amount to moisten all of the hair, blend in using your fingers or a brush and finish off by drying naturally or with a hair dryer. 

2. To start using, turn the white stopper to the right and then squeeze the handle several times until the mist appears. Use on dry or damp hair. 

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A great leave-in conditioning treatment