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Date de durabilité minimale : 12-02-2021

Shindo Shigeharu Candied Iyokan Citrus Peel, 30 g

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An invigorating, aromatic citrus snack.

For lovers of vibrant citrus treats and the delightful, unique flavour of Japanese iyokan, also known as anadomikan, there can be little better than iyokan peel strips candied to sweet perfection. This handy resealable snack pack contains real iyokan skin strips coated in granulated beet sugar, pairing together a sweet, sour flavour. These refreshing treats are also a great source of vitamin C.

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Single-serve fruit or vegetable-based snacks such as these are a common addition to the Japanese lunchbox. Pickled plums, candied fruit peels, crispy nori seaweed and other such snacks are a handy, easy way to get the essential nutrients found in abundance in seaweed into the body, while also abating hunger pangs. Check out japancentre.com's great range of sweet and savoury snack foods.

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Japanese Orange (IYOKAN) Peel, Granulated Sugar, Reduced starch syrup, Vitamin C