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Buddha Teas Matcha Now 100% Pure Organic Green Tea, 360 ml

Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement

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Matcha Now, twist and shake and ready to go.

At long last, you can enjoy the irresistibly refreshing and delicate taste of pure, ceremonial grade matcha green tea with a bottled tea convenience! Up until now, enjoying matcha on the go has been a distant dream, as when pre-mixed in water matcha quickly oxidises and loses it's prime flavour, but Matcha Now has the answer. The organic Kagoshima-grown matcha leaves are stored in a patented cap which, when twisted, releases the matcha into the purified water below. Twist, shake and enjoy.

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Matcha is made by grinding high quality tea leaves, called tencha. Because matcha is the actual tea leaf as opposed to a tea leaf infusion, the extra nutritional benefits of the leaf itself are also there for the taking! Rich in antioxidants, research has shown matcha can boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels. And it is delicious to boot!

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Loved it - great for on-the-go
Love this product! Great idea when you're always on the go