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Kurun Runda Periodontic Care Brush - Gums & Tongue, 20 g Stock limité (plus que 4)


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All round teeth and gum care from Japan.

Roll your way to better, cleaner, healthier teeth and gums with the 'Omotenashi Selection' Runda brush. With 20 times the bristles of the regular toothbrush, this 360° wide rolling brush is perfect for cleaning away stains and bacteria build-up on the tongue, and clearing plaque from hard to reach areas between teeth and gums. No toothpaste is needed as the ultra-fine bristles remove plaque on their own. Use after your regular brush for thorough cleaning and fresher breath.

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I tried this out of sheer curiosity. It takes some getting used to after a lifetime of using a conventional brush, but it certainly seems efficient, and it's kind to sensitive teeth. It's very well made.