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  • 13801 animal party plastic bowl set
  • 13802 bowl set 2
13801 animal party plastic bowl set 13802 bowl set 2

Animal Party Plastic Bowl Set, 190 g Stock limité (plus que 3)



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Cute and handy bowls with furry, fluffy animal friends.

For portions of rice, party foods, soup, cereal and everything in between, one thing's for certain: these friendly animal decorated bowls are sure to put a smile on your face. In green, pink, yellow, blue and purple, featuring a bear, sheep, squirrel, lion or panda, this set makes sure there's a bowl for every mood and person. Set of five. Made in China. Handwash only. 

Each bowl holds approx. 350ml. Measures approx. 11.8cm in width, 4.5cm in height.

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Use for snacks - handy and useful size