Glico Pejoy - Chocolate (Thai), 44 g

Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement

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An indulgent biscuit stick snack.

From the makers of Glico, discover the luxury of Pejoy, crisp biscuit shells with a rich, creamy chocolate filling. Promise yourself these snacks with a tea, coffee or wine for the evening and find your hard day suddenly easy to face. These biscuit sticks also work great with a few popped in ice cream. Made in Thailand.

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The comparatively recent popularity of European cuisine and baking in Japan has turned the traditionally non-biscuit-consuming country into a nation of biscuit lovers. From crispy wafers to soft cookies, Japanese biscuit makers and manufacturers are constantly coming up with new flavours and textures to tempt the Japanese consumer. To see's entire biscuit range, take a look at our Biscuits section.

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