Glico Pocky - Almond (Thai), 43 g

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A match made in heaven.

Love almonds? Then these almond flavoured Pocky are for you. Each pretzel stick, as light and crispy as always, have been coated in an irresistible almond flavoured cream, then topped off with real pieces of crushed almonds. What better way to enjoy the delicate nutty flavour of almonds than on delicate pretzel sticks? Made in Thailand.

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Pocky has existed in Japan since 1966, and one of the nicest things about Pocky is how versatile it is. Provided there is some sort of chocolate involved, Pocky can be covered in just about anything. This has inspired a staggering variety of flavours, including green tea, strawberry, cookies and cream, and chocolate banana.

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5 avis
The product holds a decent amount of its produce and is perfect for a quick snack if you aren’t overly hungry. The quality of the snack itself follows its flavour objective along with a sweeter taste than expected. I would highly recommend yet not suitable to those with almond allergens.
Perfect treat
Very good
Good for an indulgent nibble