Make Up Bag - Green, Owl Pattern, 43 g


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A make up bag with a little charm.

Next time you start your morning make up routine, have your spirits lifted with this stylish and cute make up bag by Kurochiku. Adorned with an enchanting owl and leaf pattern, this polyester and cotton zipper bag is perfect for storing all your brushes, eyeliners, skincare products and more. As well as being a handy accessory for yourself, this bag is also a great gift for any owl lover. Made in China.

Bag measures approx. 15cm in width, 13cm in height, 6cm in depth.

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Good size, plenty of space for lots of cosmetics. Probably too big for a handbag but good for a big shoulder bag/travel etc. Nice pattern exactly as per website photo. Good quality material. No pockets/compartments inside, that would've made this product perfect! \n