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  • 13392 urakasumi honjikomi honjozo sake

Urakasumi Honjikomi Honjozo Sake, 720 ml

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From the long established Saura Brewery of the Miyagi prefecture comes this bottle of wonderful honjozo sake. 

Using specially cultivated yeast in the fermentation process, Saura Brewery ensures that their sake has a taste and fragrance that will continue to please. This fruity and smooth rice wine has a medium body, making it highly versatile when pairing with food. Best enjoyed chilled or warmed just above room temperature. 

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Like wine, sake tends to have subtle differences in flavour according to a number of varying factors. These include the type of rice used, how much the rice is polished/milled, when, where, and how the rice is grown, the fermentation method used, and whether brewer's alcohol is added to the mix. The best way to tell how ‘good’ a sake is is to try it for yourself. Browse Japan Centre's Sake section for a great range of authentic Japanese sake.

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Alcohol: 15%

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very good with practically any food
Very good - smooth & tasty