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Umeshu wine at its best.

Enjoy the rich flavour of the Japanese plum in the finest of wines. The Nanko plum ume that make up this wine are first patiently steeped in 450 aging tanks. Then the best three batches, aged for at least 3 years, are chosen to create this award-winning blend. Recommended on-the-rocks, with soda, or in cocktails. 

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Plum wine (or umeshu, as it is known in Japanese) is made by steeping Japanese ume plums in sake and sugar until the flavour of the plum has infused into the alcohol. This particular combination of ingredients gives umeshu a deep, sweet/sour flavour. Umeshu is always better served chilled, but it can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or combined with other beverages for a fruity cocktail. For a great range of umeshu and other fruit based Japanese liqueurs, take a look at Japan Centre's Umeshu & Others section.

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

• Alcohol Content: 15%

Ingredients and allergens

Ume, Sugar, Cane Spirit, Water