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  • 13165 ceramic noodle bowl white blue brushstroke pattern

Ceramic Noodle Bowl - White, Blue Brushstroke Pattern, 760 g



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For Japanese noodle dishes.

Enjoy your soba and udon noodle dishes just like a Japanese native with this charming noodle bowl. Made in Japan, this bowl is finished in white with an intricate blue brushstroke pattern throughout. A bowl of this shape is ideal for serving hot udon and soba dishes, but it is also great for donburi rice bowls.

Bowl measures approx. 19.5cm in diameter, 9.5cm in height.

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Japanese culture has a certain aesthetic to it that is entirely their own, and there are few places where this is more evident than the dining table. From enormous ramen soup bowls to tiny soy sauce dishes, Japanese serveware is unlike that of any other country in the world. Take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section for our exquisite range of Japanese serveware. 

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Very attractive Ramen Bowl, pretty design very well made
Very good quality