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Lotte Black Koala's March Cocoa And Milk Cream Biscuits, 48 g

Livraison en Europe et au Royaume-Uni uniquement

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A limited edition grown-up version of everybody’s favourite edible marsupial! 

This hexagonal box is jam-packed full of adorable bite-size biscuits filled with a creamy milk chocolate. The smooth creamy texture and sweet flavour of the filling contrast deliciously with the crisp crunchiness of the dark cocoa flavoured biscuit casing, making for a sweet treat that you will not soon forget. Get yourself a box of these koalas before they march away!

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Plus d'infos

Australia and Japan have a pretty close relationship, and if you were to ask Japanese people what their favourite Australian animal is, there is a good chance that they will say ‘koala’! Koala’s March biscuits are Japan’s ultimate in-country celebration of the cuddliness and unique cuteness of this beloved marsupial. For more flavours of Koala’s March, as well as other tasty Japanese treats, check out Japan Centre Online’s confectionery section.

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Valeurs nutritionnelles

Per Box (48g):
• Energy: 258kcal 
• Fat: 14.4g 
• Carbohydrate: 30.0g
• Protein: 2.1g
• Sodium: 129mg


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*** I would really recommend trying , the description of the product was very accurate to what I recieved