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DHC Beauty Bento Set, 50 g, 5 items Stock limité (plus que 1)



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Travel-sized skincare by DHC.

Indulge in the superior quality of Japan's No. 1 Direct Skincare brand with DHC's Beauty Bento Kit. All packed into an adorable box and the perfect size for travelling, this set comes with cleansing oil, soap and moisture strips, with added virgin olive oil to leave the skin feeling soft and well-nourished. Blotting paper is also included for on-the-spot matting of shiny skin.

This set includes 5 items:

1x Deep Cleansing Oil Mini, 30ml
1x Mild Soap Mini, 10g
2x Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes
1x Blotting Paper

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Plus d'infos

Established in Tokyo, DHC has been creating some of the world's most innovative beauty products since 1980. Their brand expertly showcases a complementary relationship between science and nature, utilising natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have exceptional healing and rejuvenating properties. Take a look at's Beauty section for a great range of DHC items.

Guide d'utilisation

Deep Cleansing Oil® Mini: Dispense into dry hands, then massage onto dry face to dissolve makeup, dirt and other impurities. Rinse thoroughly.
Mild Soap Mini: Wet face with lukewarm water. Create lather in palms, then massage face with foam to cleanse. Rinse thoroughly.
Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes: After washing and toning, remove strips from backing and apply under eyes. Leave on for 20–30 minutes or overnight for more conditioning. Gently peel off strips and discard. Use 1–2 times a week.
Blotting Paper: Gently press one sheet against your face to reduce shine. Use as needed for touch-ups.

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2 avis
For my Japanese daughter in law and daughter for xmas
Excellent face wash. My face felt squeak and clean