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  • 12380 bamboo sushi rice paddle

Bamboo Sushi Rice Paddle, 28 g

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A sushi making essential.

Make sure your Japanese rice and sushi vinegar are properly combined with this rice paddle. Made from natural bamboo and similar in look and feel to a traditional mixing spoon, the size and shape of this paddle makes it ideal for stirring up sticky rice and mixing in sushi vinegar and other seasonings. Be sure to wet the rice paddle before use so less rice sticks to it. Paddle measures approx. 30cm in length.

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Learning to cook Japan's ornate, delicious, and unique cuisine might seem a daunting task at first. Fortunately, there are some handy kitchen tools and devices available to make Japanese cooking that little bit easier, and Japan Centre stocks a great range. From rice moulds in various sizes to wooden sushi presses to electric rice cookers, our Cooking Equipment section is sure to help you gain a keen cooking advantage.

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