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  • 11872 ceramic cat teacup pink front
  • 11872 ceramic cat teacup pink back
11872 ceramic cat teacup pink front 11872 ceramic cat teacup pink back

Ceramic Cat Teacup - Pink, 140 g Stock limité (plus que 5)



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Your tea, served the Japanese way.

Enjoy your favourite Japanese teas with ultimate authenticity with this handleless cat-shaped teacup. Made in Japan from high-quality ceramic, this teacup is ideal for cradling in one hand. Display on the mantelpiece or in a cabinet, and use whenever the time has come for another brew.

Cup measures approx. 8cm in height, 7cm in diameter.

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Like the iconic teacups of Britain with their delicate handles and matching saucers, Japanese teacups also have a distinct shape and style. They are always handleless and normally either cylindrical or bowl shaped, designed to be held firmly in one or both hands and drunk at a low table. For all the necessary teacups, teapots, and other tea equipment needed for the traditional Japanese green tea experience, check out japancentre.com’s Teaware section.

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I use this to enjoy my supply of Sencha Green Tea. It is perfect for this and adds to the enjoyment by helping to create an occasion.
Size was different than the other one I ordered. Not an issue
Lovely quality, beautifully painted