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Ceramic Sake Cup - White, Blue And Brown Leaf Pattern, 320 g


A bowl-like cup for maximum aroma appreciation.

Enjoy sake authentic sake serveware, such as this ceramic sake cup. Made in Japan, each cup is finished in a calming white, with a leaf pattern in royal blue and mottled brown running around the inside edge as well as a brown accent along the top rim. The notable bowl shape of this cup makes it particularly suited for sake with complex aromas, as the wider surface area of the sake allows for more scents to make it to the drinker's smell receptors. Cup measures approx. 7.5cm in diameter, 3cm in height.

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While beer is the most commonly enjoyed alcohol in Japan, sake is by far the most well-known alcohol for being distinctly Japanese. Sake is traditionally served in special types of cups and dispensers, including bowl-shaped cups such as this. For a great range of different sake cups and bottles, have a browse through japancentre.com's Sake and More section.

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