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Classes & Events

September 2019

October 2019



Nerikiri Wagashi Experience Workshop

Join Wagashi Specialist, Chieko Smith, to learn hands-on techniques of creating three colourful Nerikiri Wagashi; each one using a different intricate technique with a seasonal autumn theme.


Okonomiyaki Experience Workshop

Learn how to make the ever popular Kansai street foods, Okonomiyaki, Yaki Udon and Omelette Yakisoba from our Kobe native, Kinu Yukawa.


Sake Talks & Tastings - Taste the different styles of sake

Join Honami Matsumoto to learn how to distinguish different styles of each sake grades and how to taste sake like a professional.


Sake Talks & Tastings - Learn about warm/hot sake

Discover the Japanese tradition of enjoying warm/hot sake with Honami including food pairings.


50% Off Delivery on Sake Subscription

Treat yourself to exclusive sake every month by signing up to Japan Centre’s new sake subscription. Save 50% on standard delivery to England, Wales and Parts of Scotland with each order. You'll also have the chance to receive exciting rewards and earn loyalty points when you select the classic sake set.


20% Off Every Third Order on Rice Subscription

At Japan Centre, only sell high quality and well cultivated grains, meaning you will only receive the best of the best with our rice subscription. Receive 20% off the Standard Delivery charge to England, Wales and parts of Scotland, as well as an additional 20% off every 3rd order - this is one service that makes everything a little more efficient and cost effective allowing you to save more money.


30% Off Every Third Order on Tea Subscription

Sign up to Japan Centre Tea Subscription service to have your pick of our delicious and unique Japanese teas. We’ll reward you with a 30% off every 3rd order, so the longer you stay with us - the more money you’ll save. Your teas will also be delivered at 50% off the standard England, Wales and parts of Scotland delivery charge.