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Our rice subscription service is unique and exclusive to japancentre.com! We only sell high quality and well cultivated grains, meaning you will only receive the best of the best. Our rice is suited to all types of cuisine, whether you are making sushi or warm meals you can choose between our Nishiki Rice and Shinmei Koshihikari Rice; and at 20% off the Standard Delivery charge to England, Wales and parts of Scotland, as well as an additional 20% off every 3rd order - this is one service that makes everything a little more efficient and cost effective allowing you to save more money!


Step 01

Subscribe for Japonica rice varieties

Choose your rice and quantities. For every 3rd order you save 20%.

Step 02

Choose how often you want your rice

Have your rice delivered every 4 or 8 weeks. You can cancel at any time.

Step 03

Delivered straight to your door

Your rice will be delivered at 20% off the standard delivery charge to addresses in England, Wales and part of Scotland. You’ll receive loyalty points with every order.


We offer a subscription service for a wide range of Japanese rice. The frequency at which you can receive the rice will be either 4 weeks or 8 weeks. Selection of rice and frequency cannot be changed during the contract. You receive your first order shortly after subscribing. All following payments are taken on a Tuesday (every 4 weeks or 8 weeks depending on your subscription) and orders are dispatched on Wednesdays. For 20% off standard delivery, your delivery address must be within England, Wales and parts of Scotland. Standard delivery charges will apply for delivery outside of this area. Read the full terms & conditions.