Pocky Parfait

Pocky Parfait

  • Serves 3-4
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Pay homage to the king of all Japanese confectionery with this Pocky parfait recipe. Pocky is delicious, but why just stick to eating it straight when it can be blended with traditional and modern Japanese sweets like chewy shiratama dango, creamy matcha ice cream and fluffy matcha sponge? Serve this parfait as a striking dessert.


• pocky
• shiratama dango
• whipped cream
• matcha green tea ice cream
• matcha green tea & azuki swiss roll slice
• glacé cherry

How To Prepare

  1. You’ll have to start making your parfait the day before, but once all the essentials have been made you can wait to enjoy your parfait until you feel like it. So let’s get busy.

  2. Start by preparing your matcha green tea ice cream and shiratama dango.

  3. Cut your Matcha Green Tea & Azuki Swiss Roll Slice into cubes and you’re ready to go.

  4. Layer the shiratama dango and whipped cream in a parfait glass. Top with the matcha ice cream and sponge cubes, then decorate with your choice of Pocky and a cherry on top.

Tips and Information

-A very easy way to make matcha ice cream is to soften vanilla ice cream, mix matcha green tea powder with it, and then freeze the mixture.