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Sake And Shochu Cocktails

Sake And Shochu Cocktails

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Explore the wide world of Japanese alcohol with these cocktail recipes. Sake is a traditional alcohol made from rice, while shochu is a distilled alcohol made from rice, barley or potatoes. Although both are normally drunk by themselves, they also lend themselves well to a variety of cocktails for a Japanese twist. Try a couple of these recipes during your next cocktail party and see what a difference sake and shochu make to the flavour.


• honjozo sake
• shochu
• gin or vodka
• orange juice
• lemonade
• midori or melon liqueur

How To Prepare

  1. Saketini
    This is a drink based on the ultimate cocktail, the martini. Mix 55ml of Gin or Vodka with 15ml of sake in a mixer with ice and then strain into a chilled martini glass. Serve with an olive of course.

  2. Sakedriver
    Grab a highball glass full of ice and add 60ml of sake then 180ml of orange juice to create this unique drink. This is a tasty low-alcohol alternative for the classic vodka based screwdriver.

  3. Chu-hai
    Make your own chu-hai by mixing 50ml of shochu with 200ml of lemonade and serve in a tall glass with ice. Alternatively, you can use soda water and fruit flavours such as apple, peach or grape.

  4. Shochu & Melon
    Mix 50ml of shochu with 50ml of Midori or melon liqueur and 50ml of fresh lemon juice. Shake with ice and strain into a ice filled glass. Serve with a cocktail cherry and one of those cute little umbrellas.

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