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Sweet Takoyaki

Sweet Takoyaki

  • Serves 3-6
Rated by 33 people
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Enjoy crispy mouthwatering and melt-in-the-mouth dough balls with this sweet version of a Japanese favourite. Takoyaki dumplings are usually made with a savoury batter and fresh octopus meat, and this sweet version utilises the same cooking methods and equipment as the savoury version. Made with quick and easy Japanese pancake mix and your favourite sweet treats, this is possibly the most fun dessert ever.


• pancake mix
• milk
• eggs
• choco baby
• gummy choco
• cubed apple
• crushed peanuts
• sliced banana
• melty kiss
• takoyaki plate
• neutral vegetable oil

How To Prepare

  1. In a bowl mix together the pancake mix, milk and eggs. The ratio of these will differ depending on your brand of mix, but you will want to use about 200g of pancake mix to get enough batter for all of the takoyaki.

  2. Chop your fillings into pieces. You won’t want anything to be larger than about a 1cm square to be able to fit nicely inside the takoyaki.

  3. Lightly oil the takoyaki plate, then warm it up. Fill up the holes in the pan with batter, then add your favoured fillings. When the edges begin to crisp up and it’s looking about 1/2 cooked, flip the takoyaki with a toothpick. If you’ve not made takoyaki before you may find the instruction for our savoury recipe useful.

Tips and Information

• You can sprinkle on powdered sugar if you’re feeling extra fancy or just have a really sweet tooth.