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Japanese KitKat Milkshakes

Japanese KitKat Milkshakes

  • Serves 2
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Turn your favourite quirky Japanese chocolate treat into a yummy milkshake with our fun recipe. Japanese KitKats are a veritable treasure trove of quirky flavours one would not normally put into chocolate wafer biscuits (wasabi or ichimi chilli pepper KitKats, anyone?), and any one of the quirky KitKat flavours available at Japan Centre would make a fantastic milkshake. Enjoy making these sweet treats during warmer days. 


2 bananas
2-4 kitkats, 1-2 of each flavour you wish to use (we like to use matcha and a fruit-flavoured one like strawberry)
400 ml soy milk
splash of yuzu juice
zest or chopped peel if you have a fresh yuzu (optional)
whipped cream (optional)
matcha powder (optional)
1 tsp liquid matcha (optional)

How To Prepare

  1. First, get your blender ready. Take one fruit flavoured kitkat and break into small pieces before putting into the blender. Add 1 banana, 200ml soy milk and a splash of yuzu juice to the blender. Blend all items until smooth. Pour the milkshake into a fancy glass. If you have fresh yuzu, feel free to garnish the glass with the zest on the drink.

  2. For the matcha kitkats, do the same as above but instead of using yuzu juice use liquid matcha for this recipe if you have it. Pour into a glass. If you have matcha powder, sprinkle some on top of the drink for an extra-intense matcha flavour.

Tips and Information

-Be sure to taste test your milkshakes and adjust the sweetness, if they are not sweet enough.
-You can also top your shakes with whipped cream and a crumbled kitkat.
-If the milkshakes are too thick or thin, adjust the amount of the soy milk and banana.