Spicy Yuzu Pepper And Sesame Tofu

Spicy Yuzu Pepper And Sesame Tofu

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Enjoy the true green taste and luscious creaminess of tofu and the twist of peppery yuzu citrus with this spicy yuzu pepper and sesame tofu recipe. Tofu is a versatile food in Japanese cuisine, but it is mainly enjoyed with more umami, savoury seasonings. This dish will change the way you think about tofu, and is particularly nice to enjoy as part of a larger meal.


• 80g firm tofu
• 1/2 tsp yuzu kosho pepper paste
• a little sesame oil.
• 1 cucumber

How To Prepare

  1. Roughly chop the tofu and slice your cucumber, then sprinkle over the sesame oil.

  2. Serve with a small heap of yuzu kosho pepper paste.