Kinako Dusted Tofu Dessert

Kinako Dusted Tofu Dessert

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See how well tofu lends itself to desserts with this kinako and tofu dessert recipe. A simple and completely vegetarian recipe, this tofu dish uses kinako, a sweet soy bean flour, as well as other traditional Japanese sweeteners, to compliment the rich creaminess of the tofu. Prepare as an easy everyday dessert, or serve at dinner parties for something a little different.


• 80g otoko no 3 ren-chan otokomae tofu
• a little kinako soy bean flour
• a little kuromitsu black sugar syrup
1 tbsp tsubuan whole sweet red bean paste (optional)

How To Prepare

  1. Drain the tofu.

  2. Dust the tofu all over with kinako flour and top with tsubuan or a drizzle of kuromitsu sugar syrup.