Oshizushi Pressed Sushi

Oshizushi Pressed Sushi

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Use this easy oshizushi recipe to create picture-perfect sushi everybody will want to eat. Oshizushi is made by pressing blocks of rice and sushi toppings in a special mould (called an ‘oshibako’) to create perfect rectangles that can then be sliced up and served. Enjoy this oshizushi as part of a variety sushi platter, or serve in bento lunches.


sushi rice vinegar
any other type of sushi topping

How To Prepare

  1. Before we start making, familiarise yourself with the oshibako wooden box. It is made from three main parts.
    1. The bottom base.
    2. The top press.
    3. The side of the box.

  2. Once you have prepared your sushi rice and your ingredients are ready, wet your fingers and the oshibako with rice vinegar to stop the rice sticking to it.

  3. Start by assembling the box with the bottom base and the side of the box so that the top is open. Begin by adding your toppings on the bottom of the box. Salmon is a great choice for oshizushi.

  4. Once you have a layer of your topping, add rice to the box to just below the rim. Make sure that you fill the rice right into the corners and try to keep the amount of rice even all over.

  5. Once you have your rice and toppings in place, get the third top piece of the oshibako and use it to press down on the rice. Add more rice to the box if there are any areas where the amount of rice is uneven and make sure that the rice is pressed down firmly.

  6. Once you have finished pressing, you can slide the side part of the box up while still keeping pressure on the top press. You will be left with you completed sushi in between the top and bottom pieces of the box. Now simply flip the sushi over onto a plate and slice into bitesize pieces.

Tips and Information

- This recipe requires the use of an oshibako sushi box.
- Wrapping the inside of the oshibako with cling film can help if you are having problems with the rice or ingredients sticking to the insides of the box.
- A great thing about oshizushi is that you can build it up in layers with different ingredients. Try adding the ingredients in this order: salmon > rice > avocado > rice for a tasty mixed oshizushi. Or you could even make it a triple by adding a layer of nori seaweed too.