Shochu Cocktails

Shochu Cocktails

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Be introduced to three distinctly delicious ways of enjoying one of Japan's favourite varieties of alcohol with these shochu cocktails. Shochu can be distilled from a variety of different sources, including barley, sweet potatoes, soba buckwheat or rice, resulting in a high-alcohol beverage with a rich earthy flavour (although no two shochu taste the same). These cocktails are ideal for lazy afternoons as well as dinner parties.


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How To Prepare

  1. Chachamaru
    • 3 part shochu
    • 2 parts green tea liqueur
    • 1 part pineapple juice

    1. Chill your glass with ice.
    2. Add ice to your shaker, along with the shochu, green tea liqueur and pineapple juice.
    3. Shake well and strain into the glass, discarding the ice.

  2. Ryokucha Wari Shochu & Green Tea
    • 1 part shochu
    • 5 parts green tea
    • ice
    1. Make your green tea and leave to stand. If you pour the hot tea on while it’s still fresh, there’s a chance you could break your glass, so be careful. You may also want to make your tea a bit stronger, to get a really full tea flavour with the cocktail.
    2. Add ice to your glass, then pour on the shochu
    3. Finally pour on the tea and enjoy.
  3. Shochu with Pickled Plum
    • 1 pickled plum
    • 1 part shochu
    • 5 parts hot water

    1. Remove this stone from the pickled plum and roughly chop into smaller pieces.
    2. Pour your hot water into your glass.
    3. Pour in your shochu.
    4. Add the plum. If you have a bar spoon you can use this to stir up the plum a bit and mash it to make sure it releases more of the lovely sour-salty flavour.