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Atsuage Deep Fried Tofu

Atsuage Deep Fried Tofu

  • serves 1
  • 5 minutes

Atsuage is made by deep frying large blocks of fresh tofu bean curd. The result is a tantalisingly delicious tofu which is golden and crispy on the outside, but soft and smooth on the inside!
Like normal tofu, atsuage has a subtle flavour, but really soaks up the taste of any other items it is cooked in. This makes it a great addition to soups and stirfries, but can also be enjoyed on its own. This versatile tofu is suitable for many different types of dishes, so here are three quick ideas how you can enjoy this tasty and healthy food.


Otokomae Tofu Atsuage

Miso Paste – or -
Instant Miso Soup
Dashi Stock

• Onions
• Ginger
• Stirfry Vegetables
Udon Noodles
• Oyster Sauce

Soy Sauce

How To Prepare

  1. Atsuage in Soup
    Miso soup is a perfect place to use some small pieces of atsuage tofu. The rich flavour of miso combines very well with tofu and you often have either fresh or fried tofu included with miso soup. Why stop at just one though when you can use atsuage and have the delicious textures of both fresh and fried tofu in one bowl of healthy miso soup!
    Try adding the atsuage to a bowl of instant miso soup. Or if you prefer, make your own miso soup with miso paste, dashi stock and hot water.

  2. Atsuage Stirfry
    Tofu is often used in stirfries and atsuage is no exception. The benefit of using atsuage is that due to the frying process, it becomes much more solid than regular tofu and can withstand the intensity of being thrown round a pan. The solid texture of atusage also makes it an ideal meat substitute in many types of stirfries.
    Try using some cut up blocks of atsuage, sliced onion, grated ginger and other vegetables of your choice in a stirfry with some oyster sauce and udon noodles for a great tasting stirfry.

  3. Atsuage with Soy Sauce
    A common way to enjoy all types of tofu is to serve simply with a small amount of Soy Sauce. This makes atsuage a great side dish or something you can use in a bento. Try with adding a small amount of grated ginger too and enjoy the delicate soy taste with a kick!