Mabo Tofu

Mabo Tofu

  • Serves 3
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Enjoy one of Japan's favourite Chinese-style dishes with this recipe for mabo tofu. Consisting of tofu and mince cooked in a spicy sauce, Mabo Tofu can be made quickly and easily, making it ideal for those of us who lack the time to cook. Serve over a bowl of steaming rice for Mabo Tofu Donburi.


1 pack tofu stir-fry sauce
1 pack firm tofu
2 spring onions
200g minced pork
la-yu chilli oil (optional)

How To Prepare

  1. Add the mince pork to a pan and begin cooking it

  2. Once the pork is cooked and the juices run clear, drain any oil before returning to the pan.

  3. Add the mabo tofu sauce to the pan and mix with the pork.

  4. Cut the block of tofu into small cubes and then carefully add to the mix.

  5. When everything is mixed and the tofu is heated through, add finely chopped up spring onions to the pan, mix and then serve.

  6. You can add La-yu chilli oil for extra spice – either in the pan or once it is served on the plate.