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Kid's Fun Bento

Kid's Fun Bento

  • Serves 1
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Why not have fun making a cute and tasty bento with your kids using this kid's fun bento recipe? A handy cure for the half-term 'nothing to do's, this recipe uses different cutters and rice moulds to make a lunch that seconds as a world of art. Best of all, the kids can eat their own creations afterwards.


• 230g cooked japanese white or brown rice
• japanese fried chicken
• nori seaweed

optional: fresh fruit, vegetables like tomatoes or broccoli, hotdogs or wurst sausage

How To Prepare

  1. One of the most important rules of bento making is that ideally you want everything to be room temperature when you pack it. So, let’s start by making the chicken kara age and a simmered dish first. You’ll need freshly cooked rice too for your pandas, but do leave it to sit for a little while, otherwise it’ll be too hot to handle. If you’ve not cooked Japanese rice before follow our handy guides for brown and white Japanese rice.

  2. Next let’s start making our cute pandas, ahh. First start by moulding the rice into roughly round shapes. If you’re confident in your onigiri skills you can form these by wetting your hands and sprinkling on a little salt, before shaping the rice. Otherwise you can use a little bit of dampened cling film wrapped around the rice to help form nice and smooth onigiri.

  3. Our poor pandas are still missing faces though, oh no. Using a nori seaweed and punches stamp out the faces. For the ears you can use an oblong bento cutter or cut them out using scissors. Add a little blob of tomato sauce on each cheek, for lovely rosy cheeks.

  4. When sufficiently cool place your pandas and other sides into bento cups and arrange in your bento box, as well as popping any finger food onto bento picks for easy eating. This is where bento can get seriously arty. Arrange your items any way you like. You can use bento cutters for your fresh vegetables and fruit too to create a theme. Hearts, stars, cars… monkeys even, the sky’s the limit.

  5. Sit back and gaze longingly at all that hard work. Now practice your chopstick skills and tuck in. If the weather’s good why not go and have a bento picnic in the park?

Tips and Information

• Depending on how hefty you like your pandas you may want to adjust the amount of rice you use up or down.