Natto Curry

Natto Curry

  • Serves 3-4
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Bring the unique flavours of natto and curry together in this spectacular natto curry recipe. Natto is a Japanese health food made from fermented soy beans, with a strong salty/savoury flavour that people either love or hate. Here it is combined with the rich, spice-heavy flavour of Japanese curry in a combination that will delight natto fans and curry fans alike. Enjoy as an easy-to-create main meal.


• 3 packs natto
• 1 tbsp somen tsuyu
• 1 tbsp miso paste
• 6 blocks curry roux
• 3-4 servings of japanese white or brown rice
optional: 2-3 cups chopped veggies

How To Prepare

  1. In a pan, bring 1l of water to the boil. Add the tsuyu and miso paste, and simmer for a few minutes.

  2. Stop the heat and add the curry roux. Whisk your natto with chopsticks until it starts to become sticky. When the curry has completely dissolved turn the heat to low and add the natto. When the natto is warmed through it’s ready to enjoy.