Japanese Sake Cocktails

Japanese Sake Cocktails

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Let our Japanese Sake Cocktails take you on a truly delicious journey. These quick and easy recipes pair Japanese classics with well loved mixers to create unique combinations which nod to cocktails you may be more used to. Great for parties and other social occasions, these extraordinary cocktails are sure to impress.


Please see each individual cocktail below for ingredients.

How To Prepare

  1. Bloody Oishi Cocktail
    • 60ml ozeki dry sake
    • 180ml tomato juice
    • 1 celery stick
    • 1 slice of lemon
    • 2 ice cubes

    Add the ice cubes to a high ball glass, mix the Ozeki Dry Sake and the tomato juice together and pour over the ice. Garnish with the celery and slice of lemon.

  2. Yuzu & Mint Sake Sorbet
    • 45ml junmai sake
    • 15ml yuzu juice
    • 1 tsp sugar
    • approx. 235ml crushed ice
    • 1 mint leaf

    Mix the ingredients together (except for the mint) in a food processor for 10 seconds until the mixture takes on a sorbet-like consistency. Serve in a glass tumbler and garnish with the mint.

  3. Cranberry Umetini
    • 30ml plum wine
    • 10ml dry gin
    • 10ml cranberry juice

    Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, serve in a martini glass which has been rinsed in water and chilled in the freezer for 5 minutes.

  4. Chu-Hai Shochu Soda Cocktail
    • 60ml barley shochu
    • 60ml fruit juice
    • 180ml soda water

    Grab a large glass like a high ball and fill about 1/3 with ice. Pour the shochu in first and then the fruit juice. Mix and finish by adding the soda water.

Tips and Information

• To give to your Bloody Oishi Cocktail a sourer flavour, try adding juice of half a lemon.
• You can use any of your favourite fruit juices with the Chu-Hai cocktail for an endless variety of flavours.