Japanese Summer Sandwiches

Japanese Summer Sandwiches

  • Serves 12 sandwiches - 4~6
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Try some Japanese takes on a Western classic with these Japanese summer sandwiches. Japan has not had access to bread for nearly as long as Western countries have, but never-the-less they have managed to come up with unique and exciting bread and sandwich recipes. Give some of these sandwiches a try, preferably during an elegant summer picnic.


12 slices white bread

strawberries & cream sandwich
120ml whipping cream or squirty cream
10 strawberries

tonkatsu sandwich
2 pork loins
20g flour
1 egg
80g panko breadcrumbs
1/3 white cabbage
tonkatsu sauce

yakisoba sandwich
1 pack yakisoba noodles
yakisoba sauce
2 slices thinly sliced pork loin
1/8 white cabbage
1/2 onion
1 small carrot
pinch of aonori

How To Prepare

  1. First you should prepare your bread. Japanese sandwiches do not generally come with crusts so with a sharp knife remove all of the crust and separate your bread into 3 piles, 4 slices for each set of sandwiches.

  2. Let’s start with the simplest sandwich first, Strawberries & Cream. Either whip 1/2 cup of whipping cream in a bowl until stiff and spread evenly on the bread, or for a quicker way, use a can of squirty cream and spread evenly over the 4 slices.

  3. Next, wash, cut off the stems and chop each strawberry in half down the middle. Divide up equally between each slice of bread before placing on the cream and sandwiching 2 slices together for each sandwich. Cut diagonally for authenticity.

  4. Next, let’s start the Tonkatsu Sandwich. Take your 4 slices of bread and lightly butter before adding a layer of shredded cabbage to 2 of them. To make the actual tonkatsu, remove all of the fat from the pork loins, coat in a layer of flour, egg, then finally panko breadcrumbs before deep-frying in oil.

  5. Instead of cutting your tonkatsu into thin slices as you normally would, leave whole and place 1 on each sandwich. Top with a generous dollop of tonkatsu sauce and slap your other two slices of bread on top before cutting diagonally to finish.

  6. Lastly, we are going to fill our Yakisoba Sandwiches. You can either follow our detailed Japan Centre Online Yakisoba Recipe to prepare yakisoba from scratch or simply use a packet of instant yakisoba. If using instant yakisoba, lightly oil a frying pan before adding 2 roughly cut thin slices of pork, the chopped cabbage, carrot and onion and finally the noodles and included sauce and fry well as per instructions on the packet.

  7. Pile the yakisoba onto 2 slices of bread, top off with some creamy QP Mayonnaise and aonori, before closing the sandwiches with another slice of bread and cutting diagonally.

  8. Now simply arrange your completed sandwiches on a plate, maybe stick in a few Union Jack flags and enjoy the party.

Tips and Information

- Even after Wimbledon, turn heads by making these sandwiches for your lunchbox or picnic.
- If you don’t like strawberries replace them with mandarin orange, kiwi (like our photo), pineapple, bananas or even blueberry for a tasty alternative.
- For the fruit sandwiches you can use slices of fruit bread instead of plain white bread. That gives it extra sweetness.
- For tonkatsu and yakisoba sandwiches, why not try hot dog buns instead of white bread? They are very popular in Japan.