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Bento Lunchbox

Bento Lunchbox

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Make lunchtime more exciting with this bento lunchbox recipe. This three-colour bento uses a soboro-style cooking technique of moist (not wet) mince seasoned with Japanese seasonings, presented together with green vegetables and a Japanese version of scrambled eggs. Make lunchtime the best part of your day.


• 200g cooked rice
• 100g edamame or green beans
beef soboro
• 150g minced beef
• 2 tbsp soy sauce
• 1 tbsp mirin
• 1 tbsp cooking sake
• 2 tbsp sugar
egg soboro
• 2 large eggs
• 1 tbsp mirin
• 1 tsp sugar

How To Prepare

  1. It’s a good idea to start with the rice preparation. Follow our simple how to cook Japanese rice recipe.

  2. Now let’s cook our meat soboro in a saucepan. Pour in a bit of vegetable oil before adding the mince, then mix the soy sauce, mirin, cooking sake and sugar together before adding it to the saucepan as well, mixing well on medium heat. Your meat is ready when all the liquid has evaporated, just be careful not to overcook it as you don’t want the meat soboro to be too dry.

  3. After the meat, let’s cook our egg soboro by grabbing a bowl and beating all of the ingredients together. Cook the mix in a saucepan on medium heat while mixing as if you were making scrambled eggs. Once your eggs are cooked, turn off the heat and continue mixing to get the correct dryish, crumbly consistency of egg soboro.

  4. Finally boil or steam your edamame or green beans, shell the edamame or cut the green beans into small pieces and season with salt and pepper. Now you’ve prepared all of your ingredients it’s time to lay them out in the box.

  5. Firstly, you will need to lay a bed of rice which should reach approximately 3/4 of the height of your bento box. Then, cover roughly a third of the rice with a layer of meat soboro, arrange the beans onto the middle third to separate the egg and meat and finally cover the last third with your egg soboro mixture to finish.

Tips and Information

• Another way to use soboro meat and egg is simply to spread them on a bowl of steamed rice to make a soboro donburi.

• If you made a bit too much meat you can keep it in the fridge to eat with rice later (or even freeze it).

• You can use any green vegetable, other options are light and healthy wakame seaweed or spinach.

• If you prefer to use chicken or tofu, you’d better add a bit more seasoning. A teaspoon of miso will add a richer flavour. Like things spicy? Use some fiery Korean gochujang chilli miso paste.

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