Creamy Salmon Miso Soup

Creamy Salmon Miso Soup

  • Serves 2
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Enjoy the subtle and mild flavours of salmon with this creamy salmon miso soup recipe. Similar to a fish stew, this deliciously silky, savoury miso soup uses savoury Japanese flavours and seasonings, as well as vegetables, soy milk, and salmon, to create a delicate and unique balance of flavours. Serve this soup as an entree or as a light dinner.


• 2 tbsp white miso paste
• 1 sachet konbu dashi – mixed with 375ml water
• 1 tbsp cooking sake
• 1 tbsp mirin
• 300ml soy milk
• 2 salmon fillets (or any meaty fish)
• 1 pack shirataki noodles – drained (optional)
• 6 shiitake mushrooms – rehydrated
• 1 carrot
• 200g broccoli
• 1 potato

How To Prepare

  1. Grab a saucepan and add the konbu dashi mixed with water, soy milk, miso paste, cooking sake and mirin. Mix well and simmer gently on a low heat. Stir and skim the impurities off the stock from time to time if needed.

  2. While your soup stock is heating prepare your vegetables, peel and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Remove your shiitake mushrooms’ hard tips if necessary. Break your broccoli into florets.

  3. After your stock has simmered for about 15 mins, add the vegetables and cover. Let them simmer until they become soft.

  4. Finally, add the salmon and drained shirataki noodles to the pan. Leave everything to simmer for an extra 15 min whilst still mixing from time to time. Serve it as a filling starter or with cooked rice for a full meal. If you are looking for an extra healthy meal idea, check out our recipe on how to cook Japanese brown rice.

Tips and Information

• Keep an eye on the soup when it is heating as it contains soy milk so boils over easily.

• If you don’t have mirin in your cupboard, just add 1 tbsp of sugar instead.