Chirashi Sushi Cupcake

Chirashi Sushi Cupcake

  • Serves 2
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Celebrate Japan's Doll Festival with this charming chirashi sushi cupcake recipe. In Japan, Hina Matsuri, or the Doll Festival, is a festival to celebrate women and girls that happens on the 3rd March every year. This cupcake-shaped sushi is a spin on chirashi sushi, a scattered sushi dish normally enjoyed during Hina Matsuri.


• 400g cooked rice
• 2 tbsp sushi vinegar
• 2 tsp red shiso rice seasoning

topping suggestions:
• edamame beans, cucumber or snap peas
• egg omelette
• smoked salmon
• surimi crabstick

How To Prepare

  1. First things first, we need to begin with rice preparation.
    Follow our online recipe to make sticky and tasty Japanese rice. The job becomes even easier if you have a rice cooker at home.

  2. Once your rice is ready, mix it well with the sushi vinegar before adding the shiso and mixing again. It is important that you mix the rice with shiso when it is still warm. Your rice should now have taken on a lovely red colour.

  3. Grab two small ramekins and cover the inside with some cling film so that the sushi rice doesn’t stick to it. Spread the rice evenly into the ramekins and turn them out with the cling film.

  4. Now we need to prepare the toppings for your Chirashi Sushi Cupcake. Slice your cucumber into thin stripes and place your smoked salmon, rolled as a rose flower, in the centre. If you wish to use slices of egg as in our picture, simply beat an egg and fry it into a very thin layer before cutting in slices. Cute and easy isn’t it? Have fun creating your own Chirashi Sushi Cupcake design in your own style, the more colourful the better.

Tips and Information

•If you have a sushi mat you can use it to tighten your Chirashi Sushi Cupcake to stop it losing its shape.

• Once you’ve mastered the art of the basic Chirashi Sushi Cupcake, you can try to create layers of different colours by mixing rice with other colourful ingredients. Just mix a half quantity of rice with a half quantity of red shiso before putting it in your ramekin. Finally, add the rest of the rice and tighten your chirashizushi cupcake by pressing the top. You can also use other coloured rice seasoning for a rainbow effect.

• Chirashi Sushi Cupcakes are very colourful as each colour has its own meaning. The red colour helps to chase evil spirits away, white is a symbol of purity and green represents good health.

•Instead of using sushi rice to mix with shiso seasoning you can use plain rice which is also nice.