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Heart Shaped Sushi For Valentine's Day

Heart Shaped Sushi For Valentine's Day

  • serves 1
  • 20 minutes
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Let’s celebrate love in a Japanese way with these seriously cute heart shaped sushi rolls. These heart shaped sushi rolls are a great way to show your feelings. Sushi is definitely more exciting than another box of chocolates or bunch of flowers, right? Plus, your partner is guaranteed to be delighted that you took the time to prepare something homemade!


main ingredients:
• rice
• nori seaweed
• sushi vinegar – 1 tbsp for 250g of cooked rice
• sushi rolling mat

• sushi kit for beginnners! make it easy and get everything you need in a single set!

• soy sauce
• wasabi paste
• sushi ginger (optional)

• avocado
• raw tuna or salmon (optional, available from japan centre fish counters)
• tobiko fish roe egg (optional, available from japan centre fish counters)
• sesame seeds (optional)

How To Prepare

  1. Before we make maki sushi, we need to prepare the sushi rice that will be used. You can follow our online rice recipe, or brown sticky rice recipe to find out how to make perfect sticky Japanese rice and then how to add sushi vinegar to turn that into sushi rice.
    If you really don’t want to spend too much time with rice preparation, you can try our microwaveable rice. Just mix one packet of cooked rice with 4 tablespoons of sushi rice vinegar.

  2. Begin by slicing your avocado and fish into long, thin strips. Try and keep the thickness of both ingredients to less than 2cm.

  3. Grab a single sheet of nori seaweed and cut it in half before spreading cooked rice on it. Flip it over, so the rice is facing down, then place your avocado slices and fish on the nori seaweed so that all the nori is covered.

  4. Now for the fun bit. Grab the front edge of the nori and begin rolling it over to create the round shaped roll. Make sure that the avocado and fish don’t fall out the ends of the roll! Spread your tobiko fish eggs or sesame over the rice to season it, and then lay a sheet of plastic film over the sushi roll.

  5. Using the sushi rolling mat, compress your roll so that it is tight and solid. Then start pushing the side of the sushi roll furthest away from you down with the mat so that it starts spreading out. Our goal is to create a teardrop shape with the sushi roll which will become one half of the heart piece.

  6. Once you are happy with the completed shape, put aside the rolling mat and slice the sushi roll into 6-8 equally sized pieces. It can be easier to leave the plastic film on when slicing. Then carefully peel away the plastic and press two half heart pieces together to create one whole heart piece.
    Then simply present the finished sushi on a beautiful plate and then serve to the love of your life!

    Finish off the presentation with our lovely Kirei Umeshu Plum Wine + Collagen bottle.

Tips and Information

• It is a good idea to have a bowl of water next to you when you are making makizushi to keep your fingers wet so the rice doesn’t stick to them. It is also a good idea to keep the knife wet when you cut it to guarantee a clean cut.

• You may be wondering how Japanese people celebrate Valentine’s Day? Men have it easy in Japan as a woman will present chocolates to him, as well as possibly her friends, colleagues and boss! However, exactly one month later on the 14th March is White Day, when the men have to return the gesture with chocolates to their loved ones.