Hiyayakko Chilled Tofu

Hiyayakko Chilled Tofu

  • Serves 1
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Cool down with delicious Japanese summer dishes like hiyayakko chilled tofu. Often served during the warm months of spring and summer, hiyayakko consists of a piece of fresh tofu seasoned with umami-rich sauces and toppings. It is a very easy, quick, nutritious, and light dish perfect for enjoying with lunch or dinner, or on its own as a cooling between-meal snack.


spring onions
grated ginger
bonito fish flakes
soy sauce

How To Prepare

  1. Keep the tofu chilled in the refrigerator until you are ready to cut it into sizes for serving. Make each serving approximately 6cm wide and 4cm high.

  2. Prepare the spring onion by washing it then finely slicing into small pieces. You can also grate some fresh ginger here to compliment the spring onion.

  3. Place the block of tofu on a small dish and garnish the top with your sliced spring onion, grated ginger and a handful of katsuo-bushi. Finish with a small amount of soy sauce, but not so much as to distract from the delicate soy flavour.

Tips and Information

• The tofu that you use for making Hiyayakko is very important. Fresh tofu is the best option as it will be ready to use immediately and has a delicious flavour.

• If you are using fresh tofu that comes packaged in a liquid, rinse the block of tofu in clean water a few times before you cut it.

• You can try other toppings for Hiyayakko such as Japanese karashi mustard, shiso leaves or a citrus flavoured soy sauce called ponzu.

• In Japanese, Hiya means cold and Yakko is an old term which means to cut something into cubes.