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Silken Tofu Ceviche

Silken Tofu Ceviche

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Bring refreshing citrus and herby flavours to your salads with this extraordinary silken tofu ceviche recipe. Ceviche is dish from Latin America made by curing raw seafood in spiced citrus juices. This vegan-friendly version is made by curing tofu in a lime and grapefruit solution and serving it with a refreshing mango, cucumber, and radish based salad.

Recipe courtesy of Great British Chefs


citrus-cured tofu:
350g of silken tofu, firm
2 limes
1/2 pink grapefruit
3 garlic cloves
1/2 red onion
1 tsp honey
1 tsp flaky sea salt

ceviche salad:
1 mango, ripe
1 cucumber
125g of radishes
125g of samphire
25g of fresh mint
25g of fresh coriander
2 red chillies, hot, (bird's eye preferred), or to taste

to serve:
mustard cress
1 romaine lettuce, trimmed, leaves halved
1 avocado, ripe, peeled and sliced
popcorn (optional)
sweet potato, cooked and sliced (optional)

How To Prepare

  1. To make the tofu marinade, juice the limes and grapefruit into a medium bowl, sieving the mixture (if desired) to remove pulp. Crush the garlic and add to the juice. Very finely dice the onion and add to the juice with the honey and salt, stirring to dissolve.
  2. Gently break the tofu into small-medium chunks – don't crumble the tofu too finely at this point as it will break down further when mixed with the other ingredients. Add the tofu to the marinade and stir gently to combine.
  3. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes – the flavour will improve the longer the tofu sits, up to about 48 hours.
  4. When you are ready to assemble the salad, split open the mango as best you can, scoop out the flesh and dice roughly into 1cm cubes. Cut the cucumber into 1cm cubes. Finely slice the radishes (I used a mandoline).
  5. Roughly chop the samphire, mint leaves (discard stems) and coriander leaves (the coriander stems are packed with flavour – finely chop these). Finely chop the chilli. Add everything to a large bowl – if you are unsure about how much chilli to use, add this later after all the other ingredients have been mixed, tasting as you go.
  6. Drain the tofu, reserving the marinade, and add to the bowl. Carefully mix everything together, dressing the mixture with 4–8 tablespoons of the marinade to taste.
  7. Garnish with the mustard cress and serve immediately, with chunks of buttery avocado piled alongside and romaine lettuce leaves for scooping.

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